Life after Wylfa should be green and renewable

October 19, 2006 3:00 PM

Commenting on the unveiling of plans to regenerate Anglesey after Wylfa nuclear power station closes in 2010, Jenny Willott said:

"Energy supply must be an absolute priority for the regeneration of Anglesey and the safeguard of local industries such as Anglesey Aluminium.

"But this does not mean a new nuclear power plant. It will take at least 10 years to build a new plant on Anglesey, by which time, many of the industries that need the power could be long gone.

"The Westminster and the Assembly Governments now have a window of opportunity to take advantage of the renewable energy potential around Anglesey.

"For example, the strong currents in the Menai Straits could make it one of the best sites in the UK for marine current turbines, which could be build much more quickly than a nuclear power station. These can be built in the space of a few years.

"There is life after Wylfa for Anglesey, and I'm glad funds are being provided. I'd like to see a green and renewable Anglesey taking us into the future."

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