Crime-drug link requires urgent action

October 19, 2006 5:00 PM

Commenting on crime statistics released today, showing a 5% rise in street crime and robberies across England and Wales since last year, Jenny Willott, said:

"The continued rise in robberies shows there is no room for government complacency on crime.

"The link between increasing robberies and the number of people needing to fund a drug habit needs to be looked at urgently.

"Drug related crime is now so widespread the Government needs to ensure that funding is available to prevent the closure of residential drug rehabilitation services in Wales.

"From speaking to those working in the field, it is clear that at the moment people in Wales can wait up to 12 months for help. This is appalling.

"The Westminster and Assembly Government need to get to grips with this problem. The recently introduced Drugs Intervention Programme already has waiting times well over the target of 72 hours in Wales.

"Today's figures show that if we are going to tackle crime in our communities, we need to look more widely for the solutions."

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