Captain Scott's 'Spirit of Adventure' Lives on in Cardiff

November 9, 2006 4:38 PM

Commenting on the campaign to get funding for the renovation of the Discovery Hut on the Antarctic where Captain Scott and his team camped during the fateful mission to the South Pole in 1910, Jenny Willott, Cardiff Central's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP, said:

"Captain Scott's expedition is an extremely important part of Cardiff's heritage. It was here in Cardiff, almost 100 years ago, that Captain Scott set off on for the Antarctic having established the Captain Scott Society in the city just two days beforehand.

"The Discovery Hut in the Antarctic is another important symbol of his intrepid expedition and the sense of adventure and determination is something that Cardiffians can empathise with and feel proud of to this day.

"As someone who is about to do my own bit of Polar trekking, although admittedly far less ambitious, I am increasingly interested in Captain Scott's trip.

"I will be doing a charity fundraising 7-day husky trek in the Arctic Circle with a cross-party group of MPs. The temperature will be up to minus 40 degrees and we will have to build igloos to shelter in, catch our food and trek hundreds of kilometres.

"I hope that when I come back, I will have an even greater appreciation for what Captain Scott and his team tried to achieve and the spirit of adventure."

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