Anti-bullying Conference Hits the Nail on the Head

November 20, 2006 6:05 PM

Commenting on the young people's anti-bullying conference starting today in Western-Super-Mare at the start of National Anti-Bullying week, Jenny Willott MP, Liberal Democrat Youth Affairs Spokesperson, said:

"The anti-bullying conference taking place today is the right approach to a complicated young people's problem and a breath of fresh air from the tirade of young people bashing by this Government.

"Young people are not all anti-social hooligans and criminals. In fact, it is a tiny minority who give young people at large a bad name.

"One of the most common complaints amongst young people is that they are tired of being tarred with same brush, patronised and talked down to.

"This is why this sort of conference is so unique and so important. It gives young people a chance to talk about the huge range of positive things that they do, interests and talents they have as well the problems and challenges that they face everyday.

"This is a chance for adults, the media and the Government to stop talking and start listening. I for one am fascinated to hear what they have to say."

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