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October 17, 2006 12:00 AM
Cllr. Joseph Carter, Ceri Jones and Jenny Willott MP

Cllr. Joseph Carter, Ceri Jones and Jenny Willott MP are delighted that the new residents' parking will solve the parking problems on Gelligaer Gardens and surrounding streets

Cathays Liberal Democrat councillors are delighted by plans to end the parking problems around Maindy Road, by increasing the amount of residents' parking.

Local councillors met with council officers last night to discuss the shortage of parking spaces on Maindy Road, Gelligaer Gardens, Gelligaer Street and Rhigos Garden, which has got significantly worse since the new Cambrian Point halls of residence opened behind Maindy Road.

Joseph Carter, Lib Dem County Councillor for Cathays commented, "The parking situation was getting unbearable for residents living around Cambrian Point. Students at the halls of residence are not allowed to bring their cars to Cathays, but the rules are very difficult to enforce, so there has been a massive increase in the number of parked cars around Maindy Road."

Under the new plans, unveiled last night, the council plans to install 50% residents' parking on Gelligaer Street, Gelligaer Gardens and Rhigos Gardens. On Maindy Road, the council is looking at removing some of the single and double yellow lines in order to create more parking spaces.

Councillor Joseph Carter added, "The new plans will significantly increase the number of residents' parking spaces meaning that residents will be able to park much nearer to their homes. In Gelligaer Gardens and Rhigos Gardens, the vast majority of residents will have residents' parking bays outside their homes."

"Cathays has a lot of parking problem, many of which won't be solved until the implementation of the Controlled Parking Zones. However, this scheme will end the current parking misery for residents around Maindy Road."