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Cardiff Liberal Democrats

Lib Dems oppose flats on Texaco site

October 30, 2006 12:00 AM

Cathays Liberal Democrat councillors are holding a public meeting on Thursday 2nd November to discuss controversial plans to redevelop the Texaco petrol station on Cathays Terrace.

Somerfield are planning to demolish the petrol station and replace it with a small supermarket and 14 flats, a move which has worried some local traders and residents.

Joseph Carter, Welsh Lib Dem County Councillor for Cathays commented, "I'm deeply concerned about the shortage of parking on this site. Despite plans for 14 flats (10 one bedroom and 4 two bedroom flats), the developer is only prepared to offer 5 parking spaces for tenants, and no spaces for shoppers."

"There is a real shortage of parking spaces in Cathays and this development will bring more cars to our area."

Some Crwys Road and Cathays Terrace traders are concerned that the new Somerfield will make it very difficult for them to compete and possibly drive them out of business.

Cllr. Joseph Carter added, "When a new Tescos opened on Salisbury Road, the existing shops saw a dramatic fall in their profits. Local traders are worries that the same will happen, if a Somerfield opens on the Texaco site."