Last Lap on Road to Pensions Justice for ASW Workers

February 21, 2007 12:00 AM

Today the Judge in the High Court battle over the Occupational Pensions Saga ruled that the Government must go back and look again at whether it should offer compensation to almost 1,000 former ASW workers and over 100,000 others who were left with little or no pension after their companies went bust.

Commenting, Jenny Willott MP and member of the Public Administration Select Committee said:

"This is fantastic news. The ASW workers' fight for justice has been a long slog taking them to Westminster, Brussels and now to the High Court , and they have proved their case every single time.

"The Government has been a lonely stubborn voice refusing to agree, desperately trying to derail the process at every turn and mislead people even further in this whole sordid affair.

"The Government must accept that there is no wiggle room left for them and arrange for proper compensation for all those who have lost their hard earned pensions through no fault of their own.

"If the Government refuses to act now, Parliament must respond by amending the Pensions Bill going through Parliament so that justice is done for ASW workers and the many others who are still suffering."

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