Nuclear Waste Funding Talks Expose Two-Faced Government

March 19, 2007 5:28 PM

Commenting on the news that the Government has entered into negotiations over setting up a decommissioning liabilities fund for nuclear waste, Jenny Willott MP said:

"This is jaw-droppingly unbelievable. The Government agrees it was not honest in its energy review decision over nuclear power and said it will look again at the issue. But by discussing how to pay to clean-up waste from nuclear stations that haven't even been built yet, it is quite clear they are as two faced as ever.

"Just one month ago, the High Court said the Government was guilty of failing to carry out an honest and open energy review consultation.

"The Government should have taken that as a sign to make every effort look at the decision over our energy future with an open mind and unbiased views. How can they possible claim either of these are true?

"It is quite clear that this Government is prepared to go to any lengths to get new nuclear power - through the front door, through the back door, and now just bulldozing the door out the way.

"With our current nuclear clean-up costs predicted to be over £70 billion, it is quite right that private firms who profit from nuclear power pay for this. But it is jumping the gun to set up a system to organize this before the Government has made its case as to why we need more nuclear power in the first place."

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