Cardiff to Maesteg Train is 4th most Overcrowded Train in the Country

March 26, 2007 12:00 AM

Commenting on figures released today by Transport 2000 showing the top 10 most overcrowded trains in the country, Jenny Willott MP said:

"This is shocking news. The Cardiff to Maesteg line is notorious for being brutally overcrowded, but figures show that carriages are rammed to 178% of their capacity making it the fourth most overcrowded train line in the country.

"Rail passengers in South Wales should not be expected to pay fares that rise above inflation for rail services that are so woefully inadequate in such inhumane conditions.

"The Government cannot hide behind the railway companies. By agreeing to no growth deals and short-term franchises, they have removed incentives to invest in rail infrastructure. At the same time, encouraging the hiking of fares on rush hour trains is deeply unfair for all those who do not have the option to take advantage of cheaper, fares at off-peak times.

"The recent announcement for an additional 1,000 carriages by 2014 is nearly universally condemned by experts and passengers groups as being too little too late. Network Rail should be allowed to own the trains and operate as a rolling stock leasing company. This would bring better integration between track and train and ensure less money is drained out of the system.

"These plans do nothing to tackle the present situation and will leave nine out of every ten trains being owned by the three rolling stock companies which continue to act as cash cows for the major banks which own them."

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