Child Support Agency is a Hopeless Shambles

April 26, 2007 3:30 PM

Commenting on the latest Child Support Agency performance figures released today, Jenny Willott MP said:

"The CSA continues to be a hopeless shambles and its performance is only getting worse.

"As the Prime Minister moves aside, he leaves behind a generation of children failed by the CSA. His successor must take urgent action to end this tragic situation.

"In 1998 the Prime Minister admitted that the CSA had lost the confidence of the public and was in dire need of reform. Seven years later he was still saying the Government was urgently seeking solutions.

"However, now we see the agency plummeting to new depths and we are still six years away from any real changes being made.

"It now takes an average of 18 months for a child support application to be processed, pushing more and more Welsh families into poverty.

"The CSA has now failed to collect £3.5bn in maintenance payments. This is a utter disgrace."

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