Pension Credit Failing Welsh Poor

May 17, 2007 5:41 PM

Commenting on Government figures released today showing that Pension Credit take-up has fallen, Jenny Willott MP said:

"This is further proof that Gordon Brown's obsession with mass means-tested benefits is failing to help the most vulnerable people in our society.

"The Chancellor has long argued that take-up of means-tested benefits should improve with time, yet almost four out of 10 pensioners are still not claiming the money they are entitled to.

"The real terms fall in Pension Credit expenditure is particularly concerning, indicating that more and more pensioners on very low incomes are failing to take it up.

"We cannot expect some of the most vulnerable people in our country to have to deal with this complex and error strewn Pension Credit system.

"The only reasonable solution is to create a universal citizen's pension, set at a decent level, to give all pensioners security and dignity in their retirement."

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