Wales Demands Leadership Over Climate Change

November 5, 2007 12:00 AM

Following the release of a Welsh public opinion survey on energy and climate change, Jenny Willott MP for called for the Queen's Speech to include strong new green proposals to drive down carbon emissions in Wales.

The YouGov Welsh opinion survey shows that a majority put cutting carbon emissions and energy self-sufficiency as top Government priorities and favour a renewable option over nuclear, coal and gas.

Today also saw the release of a report from IPPR, WWF and RSPB "80% Challenge: delivering a low-carbon UK", showing that 80% cuts in carbon emissions are essential and can be done without nuclear power.

Commenting, Jenny said:

"This opinion poll shows that people in Wales are fed up with this Government's dismal leadership on climate change over the last 10 years.

"Labour has got us into a complete mess over energy and climate change. In Wales, carbon emissions per person are the highest in the UK, 12th highest in the world and the Assembly is 15% off its 2010 target.

"People in Wales are right to rate cutting carbon emissions and energy self-sufficiency as national priorities, and to put renewable energy forward as the best way to achieve them.

"This new report shows once again that cutting carbon emission by 80% by 2050 is not only possible, but essential, and that we don't require nuclear power to do this.

"The Government's Climate Change and Energy Bills must include a more ambitious national carbon cut target of 80% by 2050, yearly carbon targets of the 3% per year and a clear direction on energy policy once and for all.

"We need decisive measures to ensure the rapid development and deployment of all the different renewable energy options in Wales, not just wind power, so that we can become a diverse renewable energy based country in the long-term.

"In the short term, the bills must ensure rapid and extensive use of new and efficient technologies, like carbon capture and storage or combined heat and power, that could easily be attached to new gas power stations in Wales.

"The bills must also include proper systems for incentivising people to make changes in their own homes. Supports for microgeneration and household energy efficiency are so weak, they are preventing thousands of environmentally concerned Welsh families from making the changes that they want to, changes that would hugely cut their energy bills too."

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