Welsh Carbon Emissions Through The Roof Without CHP

November 9, 2007 12:00 AM

Ahead of tomorrow's (Friday), visit to Cardiff University and Neath by Secretary of State for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Hilary Benn, the Welsh Liberal Democrats called on the Government to ensure that Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is added to all three of the new gas power stations planned in Wales over the next few years.

Jenny Willott MP also released new figures showing that just 2.2% of the electricity consumed on the Government Estate comes from CHP sources, well short of their target of 15% by 2010.

Commenting, Jenny said:

"Wales has the highest emissions in the UK per person and the 12th worst in the world. If CHP is not added to the new gas power stations planned in Wales over the next few years, Welsh carbon emissions will climb even higher.

"A massive 40% of national carbon emissions are from wasted heat. If the new gas power stations planned in Port Talbot, Uskmouth and Pembrokeshire included CHP, they could halve the amount of heat that they waste, greatly reduce carbon emissions, save money on gas and provide cheap heat to local businesses and industries.

"The Government is missing a huge opportunity to cut carbon emissions and save money because none of these power stations in Wales currently include Combined Heat and Power in their plans.

"What's more, CHP can be used in district heating systems to heat large groups of buildings efficiently and in people's own homes through micro-CHP. But, the incentives to encourage the take-up of these are equally inadequate.

"The Government is even failing to take advantage of CHP in its own buildings in Westminster.

"Hilary Benn should take back a message to Westminster that if Wales is to have these new gas power stations, they must include CHP. The Government needs to ensure that proper incentives are in place so that CHP becomes standard on all new gas stations, both in Wales and across the UK."

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