Climate Change Bill Needs to be Tougher

November 15, 2007 12:00 AM

Commenting on the Climate Change Bill published today, Jenny Willott MP, said:

"The principle of this Bill is right, but it is far too weak because it fails to set ambitious targets for 2050 in line with scientific evidence.

"Without annual benchmarks, and the inclusion of aviation, shipping and other greenhouse gases like methane, this is only a half-hearted plan to combat climate change.

"In addition, five-year carbon budgets with four-year parliaments will make it almost impossible for voters to hold ministers to account for cutting carbon.

"This opportunity must not be wasted. We need a cross-party debate to push for consensus to toughen up these proposals.

"This country has just talked about combating climate change for too long - we need a clear and comprehensive map for the long march to a low carbon economy."

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