New Wylfa Not the Answer for Wales

January 11, 2008 12:00 AM

Commenting on the comments from Peter Hain regarding the likelihood that a new nuclear power station in Wales could be built on the existing Wylfa site, Jenny Willott, Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, said:

"The idea that a new Wylfa nuclear power station is the answer to Wales' rising carbon emissions, energy needs, job shortages and economic growth is completely false.

"New nuclear power stations could take over 15 years to build. There is a huge amount of legal and planning work to get done before a new station could be built as well as a rapidly growing backlog of orders for nuclear parts.

"Wales has the highest carbon emissions per person in the UK and among the highest in the world. All the evidence shows that, once the total carbon emissions are calculated from going nuclear, it will have a minimal impact, and certainly no effect for a long time.

"Unlike the wide-ranging and innovative green economy, nuclear power will not bring thousands of new jobs to Wales. Wales' economic future rests in the developing and building energy-saving equipment and new renewable technologies for which there is a rapidly growing global and domestic market.

"It is essential that the Assembly and the Government make preserving the jobs at Anglesey Aluminium a priority.

"It is quite clear that a new Wylfa would go against the wishes of the majority of people in Wales who are unimpressed by the prospect of another 50 years of nuclear power in Wales."

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