March 27, 2008 12:00 AM

Following today's Independent Asylum Commission report which attacks the UK's asylum system as 'shameful', Jenny Willott, Shadow Justice Spokesperson and MP for Cardiff Central, released figures showing that the Casework Resolution Directorate, the Government's flagship policy for clearing backlogged asylum cases, won't have met its target until December 2016 - more than five years overdue.

Commenting, Jenny said:

"This Government has successfully combined incompetence and inhumanity to create one of Europe's most inefficient and cruel asylum systems.

"The Government setup the Casework Resolution Directorate promising to clear its backlog of over 450,000 old asylum claims by 2011. But it at its current rate, it won't have achieved this until December 2016 - more than 5 years overdue.

"What's more, there is a hopeless level of confusion over the system with many cases where claimants are not aware their case has been considered until the removal men turn up at their door.

"Asylum seekers either find themselves treated with contempt or they are lost in a sea of government bureaucracy."

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