Jobs down and Jobseekers Up in Wales

July 16, 2008 12:00 AM

Commenting on today's statistics released today by Office of National Statistics showing that unemployment in Wales rose by 6,000 over the last three months, Jenny Willott, Lib Dem Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary and MP for Cardiff Central, said:

"Ordinary people in Wales are now paying with their jobs for the economic incompetence of this Government.

"In Wales, unemployment has jumped by 6,000 over the last 3 months, the number claiming Jobseekers Allowance has risen by more than 3,000 over the last 6 months and the number of jobs in the workforce has dropped by 18,000 over the last year.

"Gordon Brown allowed both personal debt and house prices to spiral hopelessly out of control, and now the hangover is starting to kick in. An economy built so heavily on debt was never going to be able to deal with global shocks like the credit crunch.

"The Prime Minister needs to wake up to the economic reality and take decisive action to help Welsh families facing unemployment, rising bills and rocketing debts."

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