Young men lead Welsh dole rise

December 17, 2008 12:00 AM

Commenting on Welsh labour market figures released today, Liberal Democrat Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary and Cardiff Central MP, Jenny Willott said:

"These figures are grim reading for the Welsh economy. More than 150 jobs are being lost everyday in Wales at the moment.

"The most worrying figure is the rise in unemployment amongst young men. The number of young men on the dole in Wales has risen by more than 50% in a year.

"But the Government's planned changes to the New Deal will leave them on benefits for 12 months before helping them get a job, rather than the current six months.

"We should be helping people to get back into work from day one. Labour is turning its back on thousands of young men by leaving them languishing on benefits.

"Long term unemployment is rising so why are ministers waiting a year before stepping in to help?"

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