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Jenny Willott MP

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Jenny Willott

Labour's incompetence lets down 88,000 students

October 15, 2009 12:58 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, Jenny Willott, has warned that ministers must be held accountable for the lamentable incompetence which has beset the payment of student loans to 88,000 students.

Higher education minister David Lammy today promised an inquiry into the chaos surrounding the administration of student loans in the House of Commons.

Jenny said "Speaking to students in Cardiff, it is clear that some are in dire financial straits because of the failure to pay their loans. Many are also finding it impossible to get any information from the Student Loans Company about what is going on and when they might get access to funds.

"The situation is dire and urgent action is needed. Labour's treatment of students has been abysmal. Coming on top of their introduction of tuition fees and cuts to university places, this latest disaster is further illustration of the incompetence of Labour's higher education policy. Ministerial jobs should be on the line."