Willott praises Sponsored Sleep Out

October 27, 2009 12:00 AM

Members of the Home4U team will be sleeping out in Cardiff on the night of 29th October 2009.

The purpose of the sleep-out is to raise awareness of the Government policy which forces refused asylum seekers into destitution.

Sponsorship will be raised for the sleep-out, and the money will be use for a project that provides accommodation and subsistence for destitute refused asylum seekers.

Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, Jenny Willott said, "This event has my full support. Failed asylum seekers receive nothing from the Government, not even the right to a bed in a night shelter. These people are human and deserve access to basic human rights.

"I attended this event last year, and I would like to send a message of support to all involved. Your campaigning is very valuable and I hope this event sends a strong message to the Government".

The criteria for asylum are strict and narrow, and some asylum seekers who fail to qualify are nevertheless terrified to return to their countries. Others who cannot be returned because the Government agrees it is not safe, are left without any support, as well as some who fall out of the system because of bureaucratic errors.

There is more information on the campaign here www.stillhuman.org.uk

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