December 15, 2009 12:00 AM

Commenting on the release of the Compact Refresh today (Wednesday), Jenny Willott MP, Liberal Democrat Charities Spokesperson, said:

"This streamlined and more comprehensive Compact is welcome. We now need concrete action from the Government to implement it.

"The OTS' wilful breach of the Compact when it suddenly withdrew funding from the Campaign Research Programme has shaken the sector's confidence in the Government's commitment to the Compact.

"The OTS must be shining example to other public bodies over how to implement the Compact. This means making a gold-plated pledge never breach it ever again.

"The government needs to look at ways to ensure all departments are implementing the Compact.

"Other measures in the compact should be a help to the sector's financial security, including the commitment to pay invoices within 10 days and applying the Compact in decisions over European funding."

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