October 14, 2010 12:00 AM

Cardiff Central's Liberal Democrat MP, Jenny Willott, has today written urgently to the Secretary of State for Transport asking him about reports that the Cardiff office of the Driving Standards Authority (DSA) is threatened with closure.

The centre is responsible for administrating all driving test centres in the southern part of the country and is also charged with booking all driving tests for Welsh speakers. Closure would mean the loss of 80 jobs.

Commenting Jenny said:

"I am deeply worried by reports of this closure. Not only does the Cardiff DSA do a vital job administering tests across both Wales and England, but it provides much needed jobs here in Cardiff.

"I am particularly worried that there does not appear to have been any consultation on whether to close the office.

"That is why I have written urgently to Philip Hammond MP asking him to reconsider any plans to close the DSA."

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