October 19, 2010 12:00 AM

Jenny Willott, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, has today welcomed the news that the final decision on the Trident nuclear deterrent has been pushed back by five years and that the number of Trident warheads is to be reduced.

As part of the Strategic Defence Review the Government has announced that the final decision on Trident will not be taken in the near future. The decision will save the UK £750 million.

It was also confirmed that the number of nuclear warheads aboard each of the UK's nuclear submarines would be decreased and the overall stock of warheads would also be greatly reduced.

During the General Election, the Lib Dems campaigned against the immediate renewal of Trident saying that the decision did not need to be taken straight away. Both the Conservatives and Labour were intent on renewing the costly cold-war technology.

Commenting, Jenny Willott said that the move showed just how hard the Lib Dems are working behind the scenes to put Lib Dem policy into action.

She said:

"I am really pleased that the decision has been taken to postpone the renewal of Trident and to decrease the UK's nuclear stockpile. Despite pressure from both Conservative backbenchers and the Labour Party this shows that Lib Dem ideas and Lib Dem thinking can win the day behind the scenes in Government.

"If anyone doubted that the Lib Dems are having a real influence in Government then this decision shows they should think again.

"By delaying the final decision on Trident the Government has just saved £750 million from being spent on this unnecessary, outdated technology."

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