October 20, 2010 12:00 AM

Jenny Willott, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central and Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Energy Secretary, has today welcomed the announcements in the Comprehensive Spending Review on investment in green technology and infrastructure.

As part of the pledge to make this 'the greenest government ever', the coalition has announced that it will invest £1 billion of capital spending in setting up a Green Investment Bank, with plans to increase this investment using money from the sale of Government assets. This new bank will allow investment in new, innovative green technologies that are currently too risky for private investors to take on alone.

The Government will invest in the building of new offshore wind technology at port sites to help encourage the supply of £75- £100 billion in new investment in offshore wind over the next decade.

They will also introduce the world's first renewable heat incentive, leading to a 10 fold increase in renewable heating.

It will also provide support for domestic energy improvements by introducing a Green New Deal to help insulate homes. This will help not only combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions, but also tackle fuel poverty by reducing energy bills.

Commenting Ms Willott said:

"The plans laid out in the CSR will increase investment in green technologies and create jobs and at the same time reduce emissions and combat climate change. It is clear that Liberal Democrat ideas run right through the core of these announcements.

"I am pleased to see more investment in offshore wind, and I'm certain that the billions of pounds invested in the Green Investment Bank will mean the UK becomes a world leader in new, innovate green technology and business.

"What is more, while these big projects are undoubtedly welcome, the Government is also doing all it can to ensure that ordinary people's fuel bills go down. The Green New Deal will allow households to invest in insulation and other energy saving measures which will help reduce the amount of energy they use."

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