To my constituents:

December 2, 2010 3:53 PM

Despite what you may have read in the press, my position on Tuition Fees is very simple and has not changed:

I will not support a rise in tuition fees.

I will decide whether I am going to vote against or abstain on the final vote, depending on what is in the Motion. I will make this decision based on discussions with and feedback from you, my constituents, to whom I am ultimately accountable.

We are now expecting the vote to take place on Thursday 9th December, and the Motion on which we will vote will be published before then.

I have not backtracked or changed my mind and have said exactly the same thing to all the journalists and residents with whom I've discussed this.

So, to clarify - I will not support a rise in tuition fees, and I await the publication of the Motion before deciding whether I will vote against or abstain.


Jenny Willott MP

Liberal Democrat, Cardiff Central

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