Landlord regulation scheme launched

September 1, 2010 12:01 AM

Liberal Democrat councillors are celebrating the launch of a new scheme which aims to dramatically improve the quality of rented houses in Cathays.
Under the plans, all landlords will have to apply to the Council to get a licence for every shared house they rent in Cathays. To get a licence, landlords will have to make sure their properties meet high standards in safety, security and energy efficiency. Landlords will also have to demonstrate they are a 'fit and proper person' to be letting properties.
Cllr Elizabeth Clark said, "This scheme will dramatically improve the large number of rented properties in Cathays. The new rules should also lead to the introduction of better waste storage facilities, and improvements to the external condition of houses."
The new licensing scheme will initially apply over a five year period, during which over 1,500 properties will be inspected by the Council. The numbers of landlords taking formal landlord accreditation training should also double.
Lib Dem Councillor Simon Pickard started the campaign to bring in the new regulations almost two years ago. "This campaign has united residents, students and the local Police who have all worked with us to get this scheme introduced. I'm confident it'll make a big difference to the appearance of our neighbourhood, but we know there's still much more to do."

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