Landlord Regulation Scheme a big success

June 3, 2011 10:25 AM

The Cathays Focus team has welcomed the news that over 300 local houses have already been licensed in the Council's landlord regulation scheme.

The multi-year programme will see the Council's housing officers inspect over 1,500 of Cathays' shared rented properties, and bring them up to standard. The funding for the programme is coming from the licence fees which landlords have to pay.

Cathays Councillor Simon Pickard told us: "This scheme is a major boost for tenants who are often given a raw deal by landlords. Almost all of the houses that have been inspected have needed improvements to meet fire safety standards and increase their security against burglars."

The licensing programme has also seen the number of formally Accredited landlords treble in just the last year.

Jenny Willott MP emphasised the value of this for the wider community. "We need landlords to take more responsibility for their properties and for making sure their tenants know the basics, like what day the rubbish collections are in Cathays. That's what the Accreditation training is helping to change.

Jenny Willott, Simon Wakefield and Simon Pickard

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