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Cardiff Liberal Democrats

Mynachdy Coal Yard - student flats REJECTED!

March 8, 2012 8:55 AM
Gareth Holden and Ed Bridges on Mynachdy Road

The Gabalfa Focus Team represented you at yesterday's Planning Committee meeting. Thanks to their efforts, proposals were REJECTED for 249 student flats on the coal yard site behind Mynachdy Road.

After years of uncertainty, Cardiff Council's Planning Committee finally met yesterday to decide the fate of the coal yard behind Mynachdy Road.

The Gabalfa Lib Dem Focus Team was there to represent residents. Cllr. Ed Bridges outlined the community's objections to the proposal for 249 student flats at the site.

In particular, Ed highlighted existing noise problems from Talybont, and concerns that a new development would create parking chaos for Mynachdy residents. He also said that the new development would put an unacceptable strain on local infrastructure.

Following the Focus Team's efforts, the application was REJECTED in principle, with the decision due to be confirmed next month.

Local campaigner, Gareth Holden, said: "This is fantastic news. The Committee agreed with us that the existing public transport infrastructure around Mynachdy couldn't support an application like this, and that the result would be students parking cars all over the estate. Concern was also expressed about the lack of public open space in the area."

Cllr. Ed Bridges added: "The process now is that the application will be brought back to Committee in April so they can approve the decision and formally reject the plans. It is likely that the application will then go to appeal and be decided by the Welsh Labour Government. I sincerely hope they back up this excellent decision by Cardiff Council's Planning Committee."