April 5, 2012 4:04 PM

Cardiff Central's Liberal Democrat MP, Jenny Willott, has welcomed the rise in the income tax personal allowance which comes into force today [6th April] that will put £130 back in the pocket of 138,000 low and middle income workers in Cardiff.

The rise will also mean that 5,700 of the lowest paid people in the city are lifted out of paying income tax altogether. This comes on top of the previous increase last year which saw 3,900 people lifted out of tax.

Commenting Jenny Willott said:

"The changes coming into force today will help ease the pressure on many thousands of people across Cardiff who are coping with higher costs of living and will mean that the very lowest paid no longer see their hard earned cash taken back in tax by the Government.

"Once again the Liberal Democrats are turning the front page of our manifesto into reality benefiting millions of low and middle income workers across the country.

"Today's changes, coupled with the increase we introduced last year has meant a £330 tax cut for 20 million basic rate taxpayers since the Lib Dems took office, and next year will see an even bigger rise.

"Whilst Labour in the Assembly and Westminster sit on their hands and refuse to take difficult decisions, and the Conservatives focus on the super rich, the Lib Dems are the only party making a real difference for people in Cardiff and across the UK."

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