Outrage after Mynachdy flats plan approved

April 20, 2012 12:00 AM
Gareth Holden and Ed Bridges on Mynachdy Road

Cllr. Ed Bridges and Gareth Holden have consistently stood up for Mynachdy residents over local planning issues.

The Gabalfa & Mynachdy Focus Team have reacted with anger and disappointment to news that controversial plans for 249 student flats on land behind Mynachdy Road have been approved.

The application had been considered in March, and Cardiff Council's Planning Committee had indicated that it would be rejected. The issue had been deferred for a month to allow the case for refusal to be set out, and it had been expected that the refusal of permission would be ratified on Wednesday.

Gabalfa Lib Dem councillor, Cathy Pearcy, proposed that the application should be rejected because of concerns over parking - however, the application was granted after Labour councillors on the committee failed to support her proposal.

Local campaigner, Gareth Holden, said: "This is a complete betrayal of our community. Residents will be furious to see this application being approved - particularly after we had all been given the strongest indication that it would be rejected."

Under current planning law, there is no right of appeal for objectors. The next stage of the process, therefore, will be for the applicant to bring forward detailed plans for the flats now that outline permission has been granted.

In the meantime, the Gabalfa Focus Team have already set about the task of trying to secure the best deal for Mynachdy and making the best of the situation. The Focus Team have:

Cllr. Ed Bridges added: "None of these concessions will alter the fact that our area is now lumbered with a development which none of us wanted. But we have consistently opposed unacceptable development at this site, and will continue to try and protect the interests of Mynachdy residents."

The Focus Team has been represented at every meeting where planning applications for the site have been discussed since 2006, and we have submitted detailed comments on every set of plans. No other party can boast that same record.

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