Jenny Willott MP - Postwoman for the Day!

September 17, 2012 2:02 PM
Jenny Willott MP delivers the post

Jenny Willott delivers the post

Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central, has joined local postman Martin Cowley on his delivery round in Grangetown in Cardiff.

Ms Willott is one of several local MPs being invited to accompany postmen and women across Wales, to see the lengths Royal Mail goes to in order to deliver the post.

The purpose of the visits is to give each MP a unique insight into the challenges of delivering mail to every house and business in their constituency, six days a week.

Delivery Office manager John Pettifer said: "We are delighted that Ms Willott took the time to experience the everyday challenges faced by our delivery postmen and women."

Ms Willott said: "Postmen and women do a really important job in our communities, not just in delivering letters, but also playing a key role in an organization that binds society together.

"I wanted to get a real feel for the work that goes into delivering the mail on a daily basis. There can be no better way of getting that insight than actually going out and doing the job alongside a postman. I was just glad I could keep up with him!"

Royal Mail is currently reviewing and modernising its operation, which means every part of the process from collecting, transporting, sorting and delivering the mail, is being improved to increase efficiency.

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