September 17, 2012 3:05 PM

Jenny Willott, Cardiff Central's Liberal Democrat MP, has today written to Peter Vaughan, the Chief Constable of South Wales Police, raising concerns over changes to the way the Police deal with lost and found items.

Under new rules introduced this week, the Police will no longer file reports for lost and found items. People who lose items are instead supposed to report it to the service provider. For example, if a person loses their mobile phone, they should report it to O2, Orange or other mobile phone provider. Those who find items are also supposed to contact service providers.

Many people are concerned the change could lead to a drop in the number of lost items returned to their owners, and may also cause difficulties with insurance companies, who often require a written police report as part of an insurance claim.

The changes have come about following an internal review of South Wales Police's procedures but have been brought in at very short notice and without proper public consultation.

Commenting, local MP Jenny Willott said:

"I am really worried that these changes are going to cause confusion amongst members of the public who now won't know who to call to report a lost item.

"It is already stressful enough losing a wallet, phone or camera without having to guess who to contact. I am also concerned that these changes could mean fewer people get back their lost possessions.

"I am also concerned that when people are unsure whether an item has been lost or stolen, this could lead to fewer crimes being reported to the police, as well as potential problems with insurance companies.

"I don't believe South Wales Police have done enough to engage with the public ahead of this change or so I've written to the Police raising my concerns."

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