Jenny Willott backs war veteran medal campaign

November 1, 2012 1:48 PM

Jenny Willott MP has joined the campaign calling for Arctic Convoy war veteran Ivor Beaven, 89, of Llanrumney, to be given the Ushakov Medal for bravery and courage, following a decision to deny him and others the medal on the grounds that the service had not taken place in the last five years and there are already medals from Britain for service at sea.

The governments of Australia, Canada, the USA and New Zealand have all agreed to accept the honour for their service personnel.

Following Jenny's involvement with the campaign, Prime Minister David Cameron suggested at PMQs yesterday that a decision about what to do would be made quickly. He referred to the matter as the 'most pressing issue' being considered by a review into the awarding of medals.

Jenny is calling for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to reverse the initial decision and award the medal to Beaven and the other two hundred surviving veterans.

Jenny said; "It does seem daft that all these other countries are prepared to allow these veterans to have what they did recognised, but Britain is not."

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