Tough new sanctions for war memorial metal theft

November 8, 2012 11:39 AM

People who steal or sell metal from war memorials will soon face tough new penalties, Liberal Democrat Crime Prevention Minister, Jeremy Browne has warned. From next month powers will take effect to stop cash paid for metal and give the police stronger powers to target rogue traders.

Commenting, Jenny Willott MP said:

"As we come up to Remembrance Sunday, we are reminded of all the selfless sacrifices made by members of our armed forces. We remember the fallen from both World Wars and more recent conflicts, right up to the present day.

"That's why I am so angered every time I hear that another war memorial has been vandalised by metal thieves who want to make a quick buck out of the nation's respect for the dead.

"I am proud that the Coalition Government is doing the right thing in backing measures to crack down on this disgraceful crime by tackling scrap metal theft."

Commenting further, Liberal Democrat Crime Prevention Minister, Jeremy Browne said:

"These thieves show an utter disregard for the memory of the courageous men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

"The Coalition Government is determined to stamp out this illegal trade, which in recent years has cast a shadow over Remembrance Sunday for bereaved families.

"That is why we are reforming the scrap metal industry to support legitimate dealers and tighten the net around those who flout the rules."

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