November 8, 2012 2:58 PM

As Road Safety Week approaches, Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central, is encouraging

Cardiff residents to get involved in a new campaign run by Michelin Tyre PLC to find the

UK's top road safety champions. Jenny is calling on local people to nominate their 'highway

heroes' - those who go out of their way to make roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and


As part of its Performance and Responsibility Michelin (PRM) activity, Michelin runs a

number of road safety initiatives across the world to promote road safety to the general


Now, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its PRM charter, the tyre manufacturer wants to

highlight the road safety achievements of individuals in Cardiff and across the UK through

the Michelin Road Safety Champions competition. Whether someone has campaigned for

new speed bumps, passed their cycling proficiency, or helped hundreds of school children

safely cross the road - if they have made a positive contribution to improving road safety

then Michelin wants to know about it.

Jenny said: "Sadly, preventable accidents continue to happen on our roads, but with the

dedicated work of some fantastic individuals within our community, we are making roads a

safer place. Michelin's Road Safety Champions competition will play a really valuable role in

congratulating those people who have tirelessly worked to protect our city's residents when

they're out and about. If you know someone who deserves to win, I urge you to get involved

and nominate them."

Corinne Li, road safety project manager at Michelin, said: "Last year in the UK, more than

200,000 people were injured or killed on the road - and this is a figure that won't improve

unless we all do something about it. There are all sorts of steps that motorists, cyclists

and pedestrians can take to make sure they protect themselves and others while they are

travelling. At Michelin, we know there are loads of fantastic road safety projects out there run

by people in the local community. We want to highlight the hard work and dedication of these

heroes - which is what the Michelin Road Safety Champions competition is setting out to


People can nominate their road safety champions on the Michelin Respect for Communities

website ( Deadline for entries is 7 December and

winners will be announced the week commencing 10 December.

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