Superfast broadband is on its way to Wales - Jenny Willott MP

November 21, 2012 10:49 AM

Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central, has welcomed the news that the Coalition Government's plans to bring superfast broadband to Wales have been approved by the European Commission.

This approval paves the way for the Coalition Government's £530m rural broadband scheme. Work on laying cables can now start in earnest for local authority broadband projects all around the UK, and Wales, along with Surrey, is first on the list of project areas.

The Coalition announced last year that Wales would get almost £57 million to provide superfast broadband across the area.

Commenting, Jenny Willott said:

"Superfast broadband is crucial to build a strong economy, where everyone has the opportunity to make a success of their business. This will create jobs and growth for us in Wales and ensure all parts of the country can compete fairly with the big cities.

"It is also very important for local and national government to deliver public services effectively online, and for people going about their everyday lives.

"For too long, parts of Wales have missed out on investment in broadband. That's why I'm glad that Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government have done the right thing by making this a priority and ensuring that the European Commission approved the plans.

"I have always been clear we must not miss out on the digital age in more rural parts of Wales and the Coalition Government will be working with local authorities to ensure we deliver superfast broadband as soon as possible."

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