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Jenny Willott talks to In My Neighbourhood

January 7, 2013 11:28 AM

Jenny Willott MP

Jenny Willott MP recently gave an interview to the Cathays blog, In My Neighbourhood. Jenny spoke about problems that come up in the area, the student population, issues regarding landlords and litter, what she thinks of Cardiff and some of her proudest achievements as Member of Parliament for Cardiff.

"The things that come up most regularly are noise and rubbish and potholes: the glamorous issues! There's also planning and over-development. People are building all over gardens and cramming people into houses, probably HMOs (Houses of multiple occupancy - in other words, student houses). I wonder if landlords are trying to get as many people packed in as possible."

"For longer term residents it does have some real implications," she said. "You don't tend to get families with kids. You get much less of a mix, which has implications for churches, community groups, doctors, businesses… There is much more of a seasonal flow. It can be very hard for businesses to manage cash flow, particularly for new businesses."

"As soon as a family moves houses are bought up by landlords and turned into an HMO." But, she says, "it's not necessarily a bad thing to have student areas."

The full blog post can be found here.