'Minister is participating in lowest type of politics' - Jenny Willott

January 16, 2013 9:37 AM

Jenny Willott

Following his interview with the Western Mail, Jenny Willott MP has hit out at the Welsh Government's Housing Minister, claiming that he is deliberately trying to cloud the truth in exchange for political gain.

Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central and Assistant Whip in the Coalition Government, responded:

"Huw Lewis' remarks in the Western Mail simply highlight the hypocrisy of Welsh Labour. He's conveniently forgotten that his weak Labour colleagues in Westminster actually abstained on the Welfare Reform Bill, rather than voting against it. Welsh Labour is simply trying to have their cake and eat it.

"He complains there is less money now. Of course there is less money: our economy has had to withstand a massive heart-attack that was caused in part by his party's disastrous mismanagement of our finances. Labour borrowed and borrowed and nearly bankrupted Britain. In power they cared more about bankers, media bosses and union barons than they ever did about ordinary, working people.

"The Minister is participating in the lowest type of politics - he is trying to frighten people without giving them the full facts. For instance, disability benefit is not part of the 1% freeze, here the Minister is just plain wrong. These decisions are never easy, but we all know that savings must be made. We must ensure that work always pays and that a life on benefits is not more financially rewarding than being in work. This is crucial to delivering a fairer society.

"Labour says the £20 million welfare budget is too big, but their only suggestion to help cut the bill is regional benefits. This would without a doubt hit Wales worst. The Tories want it, Labour wants it, but it is the Liberal Democrats in Government that won't let it happen.

"Let's be clear about this, regional benefits would victimise people looking for work in Wales merely because of where they live. This policy would have a harmful effect on the poorest families in Wales. And what has Huw Lewis to say about that? Nothing."

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