Welsh Liberal Democrats deliver £4m Pupil Deprivation Grant in Cardiff

March 7, 2013 10:35 AM

Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central, has welcomed the new figures for the Pupil Deprivation Grant for 2013/2014, which will see nearly £4m of extra money given to schools throughout Cardiff to help 8,000 of the worst off children in the city. £4m was also delivered in 2012/2013.

The grant, based on the Liberal Democrat Pupil Premium policy, which is being delivered by the UK Government, was fought for and won by the Welsh Liberal Democrats in Welsh Assembly budget negotiations. The money is targeted at children who receive free school meals in order to bridge the gap between the achievement levels of those from lower and higher income backgrounds.

Jenny Willott MP said, "The Pupil Deprivation Grant, like the Pupil Premium, is vital in the fight to combat income equality, which directly impacts on the ability of a child to progress successfully through school. Liberal Democrats believe that everybody should have a fair and equal chance in life: this should start in the classroom."

"The Welsh Labour Government has allowed Wales' schools to fall behind those in England. I am proud that the Welsh Lib Dems are fighting to address this after years of under-investment from Labour."

"Too often the futures of children are dictated by their backgrounds rather than their potential. Liberal Democrats in Government and Welsh Liberal Democrats in the Welsh Assembly are committed to building a stronger economy in a fairer society, so that everybody can get on in life."

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