Jenny Willott MP calls for transparency from Cardiff Council

March 7, 2013 3:49 PM

Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central, is calling on Cardiff Council to be transparent about the costs, funding and timescale for plans proposed in the Rebuilding Momentum blueprint for the future of the city.

The plans, which include the building of a new convention centre on the site where County Hall is currently situated, do not include any costings, any proposals for how funds will be raised, or any timescales for when the people of Cardiff can expect these plans to come to life.

Jenny Willott MP said, "The people of Cardiff deserve to know how their money is being used: how much of it is being spent and what on.

"The Labour administration scrapped well-thought out plans which were already in place, thanks to the Liberal Democrats. They prefer to waste money coming up with a blueprint that lacks innovation and doesn't address the needs of the city. The Labour administration is doing this purely to be able to call it their own and they have yet to come clean about plans to build themselves a new luxury base in Cardiff.

"There is a need for investment in Cardiff, there is no doubt about that, but in order for the consultation to be in any way valid or useful, the people of Cardiff need to be made aware of all the facts. I for one would like to see some justification for spending millions of pounds on projects that may in fact be purely cosmetic.

"It's time Labour were honest and told residents exactly what they plan to do, when they plan to do it and how much it will cost."

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