Criticism of Cardiff Bus route cuts

June 5, 2013 3:00 PM
Cllr. Ed Bridges by bus on Whitchurch Road

Cllr. Ed Bridges has criticised Cardiff Bus for making changes to 35 services across the city with no formal consultation.

Liberal Democrats in Cardiff and beyond have hit out at changes to Cardiff Bus services which will further disadvantage residents and the local economy.

From 21st July, Cardiff Bus will be making changes to 35 of its routes in and around Cardiff - without any formal consultation with residents, passengers or elected representatives.

As well as cutting some parts of services and reducing the frequency of others, the moves will also see controversial changes like the cutting of the Sunday X91 service to Cardiff Airport - only months after the Welsh Labour Government stepped in to buy the airport because of concern that it was haemorrhaging business to other competitors.

Some of the key changes include:

Liberal Democrat councillor for Gabalfa, Ed Bridges, said: "Residents of Mynachdy in my ward have already lost the subsidised 37 service in April following cuts by Cardiff's Labour Council. To add insult to injury, those same residents will now find that the 21 and 23 services no longer stop by the Gabalfa Interchange. Cardiff Bus is always quick to proclaim itself as "Cardiff's Bus Company" when it suits - but this latest round of changes, without any formal consultation with citizens or their representatives, is an aberration. Cardiff Bus, its management, and the board who oversee it, should hang their heads in shame at this betrayal."

South Wales AM, Eluned Parrott, hit out at the decision to cut the Sunday X91 service to Cardiff Airport, saying: "With Cardiff Airport now owned by the Welsh Labour Government, you would have thought that improving transport links would be one of their top priorities. Yet now we hear the disappointing news that the Sunday X91 service is being cut. If we are to see an upturn in the airport's fortunes, we need to be able to get passengers there every day of the week, particularly if we want to develop the important weekend break market from Europe.The X91 also serves a number of communities in the Vale of Glamorgan who have little or no access to other public transport. The removal of this route could have a devastating affect on the lives of many elderly and vulnerable people in the area."

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