Jenny Willott MP joins Keep Wales Tidy for The Big Scoop

June 26, 2013 1:51 PM

Jenny Willott MP for Cardiff Central recently supported Keep Wales Tidy's The

Big Scoop campaign to raise awareness of the problems caused by dog fouling.

The Big Scoop is a national campaign in partnership with Dogs Trust which urge people to collect their dog's

mess and dispose of it properly.

As part of several awareness raising events across the country, Ms Willott joined volunteers from Keep Wales

Tidy's Cardiff Friday Morning Project group in the Chapel Wood area of Llanedeyrn to help them clear the area

of litter and dog fouling. Local residents, pupils from Llanedeyrn Primary School and staff from Cardiff Dogs

Home also took part in the activity.

Armed with plenty of doggy bags, litter pickers, hoops and gloves, the team worked for two hours and despite

the bad weather, collected 19 bags of litter and a large amount of dog fouling from the area.

The presence of dog faeces is a real blight on the local environment and is found on over 10% of streets and

in 57% of parks and open spaces in Wales. Dog faeces is unsightly and is also a health risk as the eggs found

in its remnants can carry toxocariasis which if passed to humans can cause all sorts of problems, including


The great majority of the population (74%) think that it is unacceptable for pet owners not to pick up dog

mess but it continues to be a problem in Wales. Keep Wales Tidy's new 'Dog Fouling Investigation' video

targets the owners who continue to let their dogs foul in public places and is a reminder that those caught

doing so can face a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £150 or go to court where the maximum fine is £1,000.

Jenny Willott MP says:

"Dog fouling is a real problem in my constituency so I was glad to join local volunteers to not only clean up the

area but encourage people to dispose of dog fouling responsibly. I hope that The Big Scoop campaign will stop

dog owners from leaving a mess which too often is a blight on our communities."

Richard Weaver, Keep Wales Tidy project officer for Cardiff, says:

"Keep Wales Tidy is delighted to work with Dogs Trust for The Big Scoop and very grateful for Jenny Willott's

support. Responsible dog ownership is so important If we all work together we can create a beautiful Wales

that can be cared for and enjoyed by all."

Many local authorities in Wales can supply dog poo bags free of charge and after use these can either be

taken home or put in normal litter bins. If dog fouling is a problem in your area, Keep Wales Tidy can help. A

range of campaign material including leaflets and posters are available on Keep Wales Tidy's website and can

raise awareness in your area. Keep Wales Tidy can also help you join or create a group to take action within

your community.

To find out more about The Big Scoop or to request materials to organise your own event

please visit

For photos from the event in Cardiff visit


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