Jenny Willott MP urges holidaymakers not to travel uninsured

July 4, 2013 10:41 AM

Jenny & Nick Clegg - 'Jenny's Arctic Challenge'

Jenny Willott, Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, is reminding constituents of the dangers of travelling without insurance as the summer holiday season approaches. Jenny is supporting a campaign by ABTA - The Travel Association - and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and urging holidaymakers in Cardiff to "pack your policy" ahead of the great summer getaway.

According to new research by ABTA, many UK holidaymakers are unaware of the costs of medical treatment abroad and may be putting themselves at risk of sky high medical bills if something goes wrong. Nearly 1 in 51 people across Wales now travel abroad without insurance, despite the need for medical assistance being relatively common (18% people from Wales have visited a doctor or hospital while abroad2).

Most at risk are younger travellers, as almost half (48%)3 will have a holiday abroad without taking out travel insurance. Recently released Foreign Office research has found that 4 out of 54 young people admit to taking part in more adventurous behaviour on holiday - yet fewer than half (45%) check that their insurance covers risky pursuits.

Commenting Jenny Willott MP said:

"Lots of people will be looking forward to a well-deserved summer holiday over the next couple of months. However, unfortunately things can sometimes go wrong, whether it's a dodgy tummy after an unusual local dish or a sprained ankle on an adventure trek. Many countries don't have national schemes to cover the cost of healthcare, so treatment abroad can be very expensive. It is just not worth taking the risk.

"I urge all of my constituents going on holiday abroad to make sure you "pack your policy" this summer, so getting ill or having an accident on holiday doesn't saddle you with an enormous bill."

ABTA has launched a new advice section on travel insurance for consumers. Visit for full details.

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