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Cardiff Liberal Democrats

Cautious welcome for interchange proposals

July 9, 2013 12:00 AM
Cllr. Ed Bridges and Eluned Parrott AM by Gabalfa Interchange

Cllr. Ed Bridges and Eluned Parrott AM have given a cautious welcome to plans for safety improvements at Gabalfa Interchange.

Politicians in Cardiff have given a 'cautious welcome' to plans for safety improvements at the Gabalfa Interchange. Cardiff Council will be spending £70k later this month to reduce the number of accidents at the roundabout. In the five years between 2007 and 2012, there were 48 accidents at the location, including one fatality.

From 28th July, work will start at the roundabout to:

Gabalfa's Liberal Democrat councillor, Ed Bridges, said: "I am giving a cautious welcome to these proposals. I get a lot of residents asking whether the roundabout can be made safer, and clearly these proposals will help with that. I am concerned though that the changes might reduce capacity at the roundabout and add to peak-hour queues. Initially this will just be a trial, and there will be chance to revisit the changes if there are problems - so I will be urging residents and motorists to give their views on whether the scheme is a success or not."

The proposals will be introduced in phases over the coming months. Initially, there will be temporary changes to speed limits, along with a dedicated left turn lane at the northwest corner of the roundabout (nearest to Llandaff North). This will be followed by the creation of dedicated left turn lanes at the junctions nearest to UHW and the Gabalfa Clinic. Finally, if the interim measures are felt to have been successful, they will be made permanent.

Eluned Parrott AM, Lib Dem regional Assembly Member for South Wales Central, said: "Many residents have asked whether traffic lights could be installed at the roundabout - but, unlike at Culverhouse Cross or Llanederyn Interchange, there isn't sufficient space at Gabalfa Interchange to back up the traffic on the roundabout. Because of that, these changes are the best that can be done to make the roundabout safer. I will be watching with interest to see whether they resolve the huge tailbacks we see at rush hour."