Problem with your bank or insurer? Jenny Willott MP to co-host Financial Ombudsman drop-in session

July 10, 2013 1:21 PM

Jenny Willott MP

Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central Jenny Willott will co-host a drop-in session with the Financial Ombudsman on Friday 12th July between 10am and 12 noon in the Cardiff Central Library.

The Financial Ombudsman helps to settle disputes between businesses providing financial services and their customers.

Last year the Financial Ombudsman service received over 125,000 enquiries and over 25,000 new cases from people living in Wales, more than double the amount recorded the previous year. In Cardiff over 2,300 complaints were received last year, an 82% increase on the previous year.

The five most complained about topics are; Payment Protection Insurance, Credit Card Accounts, Current Accounts, House Mortgages and Overdrafts and Loans.

Commenting, Jenny Willott MP said:

"Unfortunately from time to time problems can crop up with your bank or an insurance company which can't be resolved through the normal complaints process of the business involved. The Financial Ombudsman is there to help sort out individual complaints in these kinds of situations.

"As the local MP for Cardiff Central, I want to make sure that all my constituents know what support is available to them and to help them get these problems resolved. That's why I'm delighted to be holding a drop-in session with the Financial Ombudsman on Friday 12th July - if you've got a complaint about any business which provides a financial service, or just want to know more about the support that is available, come along for some free advice between 10am and 12 noon."

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