Welcome news over Eastern Bay Link – Parrott & Willott

July 11, 2013 9:23 AM

City Hall

Eluned Parrott has today welcomed the news that the Welsh Government "intends to progress" with Eastern Bay Link Road in Cardiff from The Butetown Tunnels to the M4 which was first planned in the 1990s.

Commenting Liberal Democrat AM Eluned Parrott said:

"This is a long overdue development for Cardiff and in particular the communities of south and eastern Cardiff who have had to put up with unfair volumes of through-traffic in their area over the years.

"This new road is of major importance to Cardiff, Cardiff Bay, The Cardiff Enterprise Zone and Cardiff Airport in attracting new Visitors and Business from the East.

"I am waiting for more information from the Minister about the exact route, the environmental considerations, the timescale for construction and the costs involved."

Jenny Willott Lib Dem MP for Cardiff Central added:

"If we are to create more jobs in Cardiff and further develop the south of the city, we need to improve public transport and traffic flows. The relief road will hopefully make it easier to attract businesses into the city to create jobs, while reducing the burden on suburban areas of the city."

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