Letter to the South Wales Echo on Parking Notices

July 12, 2013 3:06 PM


Dear Sir,

After studying the fixed penalty notices issued per ward for parking for the month of June, it strikes me that the figures clearly suggest that officers are only patrolling certain areas of the city.

Living in the area, I can attest that cars are consistently parked illegally or in residents' bays on Roath Court Road and in Arran Place, yet officers clearly don't patrol there as there are no notices listed.

The local councillors and I are aware that there is a particular problem in Pentwyn with illegal parking along Pentwyn Drive, and I have previously written to the council about this dangerous stretch of road. However I understand that officers will only patrol there if they are alerted by residents, by which time those parking unlawfully to use the shops have already gone.

Yet despite the existence of these clear problem areas, substantially higher numbers of notices are handed out closer to the city centre. This would seem to imply that Cardiff Council are simply after a quick buck and aren't interested in addressing the parking issues that affect those living further out in the suburbs.

Residents of Cardiff pay their council tax across the city. It is time the council recognised this and provided a fairer distribution of services.

Jenny Willott

Lib Dem MP for Cardiff Central

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