12,400 families in Cardiff to benefit from Government’s affordable childcare plans - Willott

July 31, 2013 2:23 PM


Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, Jenny Willott, has highlighted the positive impact the Government's plans to make childcare more affordable will have on families in Wales.

Earlier this month the UK Government announced steps to help support the supply of childcare. These follow on from the £1 billion Tax Free Childcarescheme announced earlier this year, which will mean parents receive up to £1,200 per child in childcare costs. This will benefit around 110,000 families across Wales, and over 12,400 working families in Cardiff alone.

Commenting, Jenny Willott MP said:

"Everyone knows that the cost of childcare is a big worry for many families. Almost a quarter of employed mothers say they would like to work longer hours but can't do so because of the cost of childcare.

"Making sure all families, and mothers in particular, can afford to work is important to help build a stronger economy as well as deliver a fairer society. This has been an absolute priority for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats and I am delighted we are able to give parents this much needed help."

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