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Cardiff Liberal Democrats

Gabalfa Interchange trial safety scheme - update

August 16, 2013 7:57 AM
Cllr. Ed Bridges and Eluned Parrott AM by Gabalfa Interchange

Eluned Parrott AM and Cllr. Ed Bridges want residents and motorists to have their say over the trial safety scheme at Gabalfa Interchange.

Liberal Democrats in Gabalfa ward are urging residents and motorists to have their say over the current trial safety scheme at Gabalfa Interchange.

As outlined by us last month, Cardiff Council are spending £70k to try and reduce the number of accidents at the roundabout by:

Gabalfa's Liberal Democrat councillor, Ed Bridges, said: "Although we gave a cautious welcome to the plans, it has been very clear over the first few weeks of the pilot that there are still huge problems. The narrowing of the lanes on the roundabout has reduced capacity and led to longer peak-hour queues - just as we predicted I am keen that residents and users of the Interchange have their say on what they feel is working and what isn't. If Cardiff Council are serious about this as a trial scheme, they have to demonstrate that they will listen to the views of the public."

According to Cardiff Council's factsheet on the trial scheme, anyone wanting to make comments should e-mail [email protected] (marking the e-mail as "Feedback on the Gabalfa Interchange pilot safety scheme"); do copy in Cllr. Ed Bridges ([email protected]) so that he can ensure the public's views are listened to.

Ed added: "I am also aware that residents on Ventnor Place are concerned that the proposed left-hand turn lane from North Road down to Western Avenue will make it impossible for them to get in and out of their street. I am pleased to report that Cardiff Council have agreed to defer this stage of the works until they have come up with a solution to the problem."