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Jenny Willott MP

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Jenny Willott

Jenny Willott urges Cardiff Council to seize slice of £6 million pot to fund innovative energy solutions

September 30, 2013 9:57 AM

At the Which? energy advice surgery in Cardiff

Jenny Willott, Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, is calling on Cardiff Council to take full advantage of a new £6million grant funding programme to develop plans for new heating and cooling networks.

Launched last week by Energy and Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, local authorities in England and Wales are being asked to bring forward ambitious and innovative proposals to develop and deliver heat networks that draw their heat energy from renewable, sustainable or recoverable sources.

This could include any system in which heat is generated off-site by renewable or recovered sources such as waste heat from industry, energy from waste plants and biomass combined heat and power. Many university campuses, new mixed commercial and residential developments and high rise flats draw their heat from these systems.

Jenny Willott MP said:

"The Liberal Democrats were the first major party to take climate change seriously and our commitment to this has not changed. Protecting the planet and its population from the devastating effects of climate change is one of the world's greatest challenges. Now we are in government we are ensuring this is a priority.

"Key to this is reducing our carbon emissions and moving away from the more traditional, dirtier energy sources. We all need to be constantly assessing how we use energy - where we get it from and how we can use it more efficiently. This new fund will enable local authorities in England and Wales to find innovative ways to heat and cool their sites, both reducing their carbon footprints and their energy bills. This is good news for everyone."